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gay fantasy fiction with a happily ever after


This is a community that centers all around original gay fantasy fiction. Here you can post and get feedback on your original gay fantasy fiction, by people who share the love of this genre. You can also post recs of unpublished and published works.


Only original fiction with a happy ever after, or a happy for now ending, can be posted here. This is a happy community centering around gay romance in a fantasy setting, and so we do not want any tragedies posted herein. The fiction has to be centered around gay relationships (m/m, m/m/m, f/f, f/f/f or groups thereof) -- the only rule here is that the relationships have to be same-gender.


If you post a whole story to the community, you have to use an LJ-cut. All post must be fiction (or art, if anyone has it), questions can be posted in the FAQ section. If you post an entry that has mature content in it, please member lock it.


There are some standard formats that needs to be followed when posting, so as to get the most accurate info of the story as possible -- not every story is for every reader, after all.



These don't have to be followed completely, you can rearrange or leave some out, but the more info about the story, the easier it is to capture a potential reader.


Tags have to be used correctly so it'll be easy to find what one's looking for. Obviously, as this is a community just for fantasy stories, we don't need that genre, but other tags are important.

I have already set up the basic tags for you to chose from, but if you have one you think fit better, please use it and the mod will decide if it gets to stay or be removed.


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